Very often we are overwhelmed by problems and concerns. That is when we need a side view, a guidance, that will help us making hard decisions. will try to be helpful in making decisions every day 
through several ancient method of divination.
32 eternal questions 76 tarot cards 25 magic runes
Oracle means a direct contact with the divine through the help of a priest. You must believe in the power of the oracle to get the right answer. You must only think of the question while asking it. Since the ancient times the prophecies of the oracles sound quite incomprehensible but you are the one that can interpret the prophecy the best. The rulers of the ancient kingdoms always seeked the  help of the oracle before making a serious decision. Tarot cards can guide your decisions. But you must not take the message literally, you must interpret it for your situation.  The symbols can inspire you, they can warn and guide you. Drawing a card helps you peep into your destiny.  They are a reflection of your past, present and future and it is possible and show you a different perspective on your life. The runes are keys that can help you unlock the secrets of the future. The Divination of  runes is a comprehensive system of psychology and the oldest form of Western wisdom. It can lead the seeker to understanding and enlightenment. The runes will not solve your specific problems, but if you listen to their wisdom it will be easier for you to do the right thing. Everyone creates their own reality. There are many ways of divination with runes.
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