Hive of Jndustry

Self-employment can be a tricky business at the best of times, so if you need to attract more work this spell might help.

A white candle
pen and ink
some paper
an envelope
a glass of water
a bottle
a symbol of your work

Sight the candle – white for new beginnings – and let your mind think of the possibility of having work. Let your fear take form and then let it out by drawing it on paper. Put this in envelope and seal it with candle wax. With pen and ink, write down positive thoughts about the work you need and place the paper in glass of water. Turn the glass three times clockwise so that the disperses. Strain the water containg your thoughts into bottle.

Place the envelope containing your fear in the freezer and leave it there for as long as you need. Take the bottle with you ti a place with running water. Take the symbol of your work too and give it to the first person you meet on your way.

Tip the water containing your thoughts into the running water and as you do so with for luck in your future work.

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