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How to attract money

Manifesting money in your life can come about through various means. Money magic is not about greed or get-rich-quick schemes. It is about manifesting prosperity in your life and focusing on the financial well-being of yourself and your loved ones.

Things You’ll Need:
* Green candle
* Knife or toothpick
* Vegetable oil
* Powdered basil
* Candle holder
* Matches
* Mineral oil
* Clear, empty quart container
* Seven lodestones
* Iron fillings
* Two or three small, dark glass bottles
* Cabinet
* Money

1. Inscribe your name on a green candle using a knife or toothpick.
2. Inscribe the exact amount of money you wish to attract on the same candle using a knife or a toothpick.
3. Anoint, or dab, your candle with vegetable oil.
4. Sprinkle powdered basil on a table and roll the candle back and forth in it. Basil is an herb connected to money and prosperity.
5. Place your candle in a candle holder and light it using a match. As you light it, say the following: “Money come and money grow. Money’s mine; to me it flows!”
6. Let your candle burn.