What kind of woman will I have for a wife?
Will the prisoner be set free?
Will I live happily ever after?
Will I live in a foreign country?
Will I win or lose this lawsuit?
Will I make a fortune with gambling?
Will I succeed in business?
Will I be promoted soon?
Will my idea turn to be a successful business?
Will I receive an inheritance?
Will this be a good year for me?
Will I be famous?
Will my friend betrayed me, or I can count on him?
Will they catch the thief and return the stolen object?
What political changes will be coming ahead?
Is my loved one faithful to me?
Will it be a successful marriage?
Will my misfortune ever end?
What does my dream mean?
What is my destiny?
Will I hear bad words or slander about myself?
Who will be my future husband?
Will the patient be cured or healed?
Does he love me or not?
Will I have problems during this trip?
Will I find a treasure?
What profession is best for me?
Do I have a lot of enemies?
What kind of child will I have?
Am I making a mistake?
When will I find love?
What kind of talisman is appropriate for me?
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