Odin's Runes. Concentrate on your question and click on the disk below to resive your answer.
The runic alphabet was created two thousand years ago by the Germanic peoples of northern Europe. Casting Runes though, as a form of divination, has been used since around the forth century. In fact the Vikings, consulted the Runes to give them guidance on an every day level, and wouldn‘t make a decision without them! Today using Runes as a method of fortune telling is becoming more and more popular. The power of rune teaches us lessons that can be extract from our current events and present us with greater strength and knowledge. Seek the wisdom of the Runes. Ask the Runes for advice as often as you like, they will provide guidance and psychic insight as well as provoke you to see things in a new light. Knowledge is power. Don‘t repeat the same question over and over.
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